Making the order

  • Will the operator call back, if so, is there any way to avoid the calling?

    If you place an order by yourself through the Curby application, the operator will only call you if for some reason your order cannot be fulfilled. The operator will explain the situation and propose alternatives.
  • Is it possible to make several orders at the same time, if I want coffee in Coffeemania, for example, while going to Anderson?

    You can make orders in different establishments. Just don't forget to pick them up.
  • The top corner of the basket shows the time, what is this? Cooking time? Does the application determine how much to go to the place, or the order will be given when it's ready?

    When placing an order, the estimated time of arrival at the specified restaurant is displayed in the upper right corner of the cart. We kindly ask you to enable the location on your phone so that the establishment can track your location and prepare your order directly by your arrival. So even if you get caught in traffic or stay on the road, your coffee will be hot.


  • What happens once the order is placed? Do I have to pay for it right away? How can I pay?

    After the order is placed, you can pay for it in the application at any time. The order will be transferred to the establishment only after payment. You can pay with MasterCard, Visa, World or with Apple Pay.
  • Can I pay in cash?

    Payment in cash is not possible, as the order will be transferred to the establishment only after full payment.
  • If fast payments are not set up, do I need to enter card data? Can I save it if I do?

    If no bank cards are attached to your account, you can enter these details when you pay for your order. If this is the first time you place an order in the selected establishment, you may need to re-enter the card data.

Cancellation of order

  • If I have changed my mind about the order, how long can I cancel it and can I cancel it at all?

    You can cancel your order within 60 seconds after payment.